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Marketing can make all the difference, and it’s especially true in the midst of the COVID-19 virus epidemic. Real estate agents like to claim they market your home; but do they, and do they know how to? Today’s marketing is so much different than it used to be and it changes so fast.  A very limited number of Realtors keeps up with the marketing trends. As a Realtors it’s part of our job to properly market out clients homes.

With the COVID-19 crisis epidemic it’s affected the open house market tremendously.  Home sellers are nervous about people they don’t know in their homes touching everything and buyers are the same way so they are not out looking at the homes. Virtual home tours have all of a sudden become popular, but have you noticed how boring they all are?  Who has actually watched a virtual home tour from start to finish… and I mean stayed awake to see it through.

So what are we supposed to do to stand out above the crowd? The answer is to market creatively and market with a purpose? Put some effort in on behalf of our clients and showcase their homes. Just bring attention and traffic to their investment….like we are supposed to.  Realtors need to break out of their comfort zone and quit being boring old fuddy-duddies. Sorry Realtors, maybe not all of you.

Yes, a lot of homes, like this home in the video is nice enough to sell itself. It’s an absolutely beautiful home. and whoever the buyer is will get a beautiful home.  However, because of COVID-19 we decided to mix it up and ‘think outside the box’; and in this case create a virtual home tour experience.  Yes, I said experience. People watch stories and they relate to stories. They relate to human experiences and emotion. That’s what I attempted to do in this video.

I’m not a producer, editor or any kind of videographer, but rather an entrepreneur by trade.  Since I was going to be the producer, editor and videographer I had better figure out how to be all three really fast. One of the traits of entrepreneur’s  is that they must be willing to try different things, and throw their heart over the bar. This is my attempt at all of those, and am thankful to my clients for allowing me to step out on that branch and do this.  Looking back, there’s a lot of things I would do differently, but that’s how we learn right? With things things I would do differently, I also know that marketing has evolved and it needs to be an experience and that experience needs to be properly marketed with marketing savvy know how. 

I hope you enjoy the video, appreciate it, and smile.   I hope you know someone that would love this home as their own and make an offer on behalf of my clients.

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