Backyard Camping Guide

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A night under the stars is an experience unlike any other, but busy schedules can prevent camping getaways to some of the finest campgrounds. Camping in your backyard is very convenient, since gas prices are at an all time high. Excited families who love the outdoors are taking advantage of their own backyards, and they are having a blast doing so.

A backyard camping trip might seem like a daunting task, but this guide will keep you on track. Read on to learn more about the essential backyard activities, camping gear, and details you need to know for undertaking one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities.

Find The Perfect Camping Place

The best thing about backyard camping is having the option to camp close to home so you can stop for bathroom breaks and have access to additional supplies. But if you prefer to keep it authentic, camp farther away from the house and agree not to return until morning. Wherever you decide to set up, choose a flat, smooth area for the tent to sit.

If you want to make your backyard camping experience memorable, choose a tent that will accommodate all the fun you want to have, without taking up too much room. Before choosing the size of your tent, measure the area and take into consideration everything you will be bringing with you.

A screen house is the next best option if you want an open camping experience in your backyard. It is easy to set one up or string a few ropes between some trees and make a cozy shelter using tarps and blankets.

Do What You Think Is Best

Bug spray and water are always helpful essentials to have on hand when camping anywhere. But what is really essential depends on what you and your family are looking for. If you want board games and no electronics, there is a lot of joy to find by unplugging and focusing on the things that matter. You can make anything happen in your backyard as you would on a real camping trip.

The most important thing to keep in mind when camping with children is to use common sense. Ensure that no one is near before lighting your first campfire. It is way easier for children to deal with an emergency in the backyard than at a campground in the middle of nowhere. This can ease the anxiety some children and adults may feel about starting and extinguishing fires.

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